Monday, October 28, 2013

One Small Step....

When first hearing the word contagious, it's likely an assumption would be made that it's regarding an illness. With this can come a negative connotation.

This however can be changed by addressing the word "contagious" in a more positive light. Anything can be contagious really, but ultimately being positively contagious is what will make a difference in the world.

Clearly, this is not an easy task. Let along nearly impossible if done by one person. So what's the key... a chain relation. And not only be a part of it, but be the first person to start it.

The first piece to this chain...turn inward.

Now this may seem backwards as contagious implies affecting others. Yet, in order to positively influence those around you, it is necessary to do a little soul searching.

As divinely created individuals we have been given talents and abilities. To some the talent of being artistic, others are athletes, some have the ability to listen and understand, others have been given the gift of happiness. Some talents we have and others we are striving to develop. But in finding, comes sharing. By initially focusing inward, we can then turn outward. By influencing one, you can influence multiple then affecting hundreds, and eventually thousands, creating a chain reaction.

This is the beginning of being

  Positively Contagious

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