Sunday, July 20, 2014


Let me tell you, This semester of school has been the MOST difficult one thus far in my college career. I graduate next semester, it's spring so when the sun is out, this girl has a hard time studying, my class load is crazy, add in working part time, and O yeah…everything that comes with wedding plans! Let's just say I am so thankful this smelter is coming to a close. Chad and I needed a little break from studying, so naturally we went fishing. 
Our favorite drinks, some therapeutic fish catching for Chad and some sunshine for this girl and we were golden. 
Let's be honest anything with this guy is an adventure…..especially when we have to cross a river to go find the "better fish" 
At the end of the day it was worth it. Chad caught fish, I took pictures and attempted to study, and we both got a little break from the reality of school and the stress of finals. Let's be honest, watching the pure joy on this guys face when he catches a million fish is always worth it.
And when i'm not watching Chad fish, I am staring at this beauty. It's crazy to think the next time we are here we will be married.  
Idaho has been good to us this semester, we'll see you again soon...
 Until then, California here we come!