Monday, March 2, 2015

Do-Nut you know I love you

 I have always been one to rag on Valentines Day. I didn't really understand the point, aside from the fact that heart sugar cookies(with extra frosting) and Reeses hearts are probably my two favorite food groups. This was the first year that I finally understood why people love this day so much. I figured out my problem: I actually had a Valentine ha! Who would have though that small little detail would change my mind. 
 We woke up, got our favorite donuts at the o so classy Maverik Gas station (Krispy Kreme) and took an adventure to Idaho Falls. For those who don't know, that is the 30 minute drive from Rexburg that opens up a whole new world. 
We did our usual routine 
Chad:  Sportsman's Warehouse run
 Courtney: Target extravaganza
...and by extravaganza I mean we  both stare at everything in our favorite stores, wish we could buy it, and walk out dreaming of a day where we have money to buy stuff. 
We thought about going to a nice dinner, but settled for a nice 5 Guys burger instead (don't judge our diet this day) 
So for a first Valentines day, I'd say we rocked it! 
I'm so grateful for this guy who loves me despite my melt downs, lack of occasional dinner preparation, obsession over Trolli eggs and Grey's Anatomy, and desire to go to bed at 9:00pm sharp. He is my best friend and my forever Valentine and I would never have it any other way. 

Snow shoes

Every once in a while these Hilburns like to make a little adventure out of our weekends. Since we are both off track we have decided to work like crazy people. Good idea...yes. But by the end of the week it leaves two extremely tired humans, late night dinners consisting of Top Ramen, and one very burnt out wife. 
Solution: snow shoes. 
I mean, have you ever tried these things, they are like walking on clouds! Ok maybe not that great, but you don't sink knee deep in the snow. You can go where ever your little heart can take you. (they are probably the best invention for Idaho-dwellers). This may be admitting too much, but we may or may not ask for them for our Christmas presents next year...yikes! On the plus side we are really planning ahead so we can give each other a good pat on the back for that one. 
It was so nice to be outside and take advantage of the sun that finally decided to grace us with its presence. Don't be fooled it was still only 39 degrees but that felt like 80 in comparison to what it had been. Warm River is one of our...well Chad's favorite places to go. Sometimes I go with him and this weekend I was so glad I did. 
We couldn't go home until this one plunged into the water to catch a few of these suckers. I think his final count was nine this day. He's the next Steve Erwin I tell ya, minus the sting rays. 
One day he will live his dream, and have his own show on Animal Planet. Until then our show shoeing will just have to do. I continue to be amazed by this Idaho beauty we get to live in. Sometimes I want to cry because we still have three more years in this tiny town of Rexburg, but then we have weekends like this.  
It's all worth it, every minute.