Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mzungu Bye

Here's the thing about time…. when you want it to go fast, it seems never ending. When you want it to go slow it's gone in a blink. That accurately describes my last month in Mbale, Uganda.
I don't think I can really put into words how incredible this last month has been.

I attempted to climb matokee trees
I spent time in the beautiful mountains with my sweet cousin 
Bananas became my new obsession at $.8 each 
I got to look into the eyes of the siblings who care for each other more then we could ever understand 
I marveled at the ambition that filled the youth who longed for an education to create a better future for themselves
 I learned to appreciate the simple things in life from the best teachers around 
I was able to marvel at the outward strength of the children, as they hiked up mountains with loads upon their heads 
I  got to visit the slums where my heart broke knowing I had to leave these little ones
I gained an appreciation for the abundance we have in America as I saw the lives of the common people 
I gained a deeper respect for the role of a woman and the physical sacrifice they give to raise and teach children
 Simply put it was LIFE CHANGING 

We can't change culture and we can't change other people, but that's ok. That is not our responsibility.
As human beings we have so much potential to change, to discover, to learn, and to influence those around us. Africa has taught me that we need to see people as they are to become not as they are now. It may take changing our own mindset, our perspective, and having a little extra patience with ourselves and those around us. 
But, I promise it is worth it. 
I went to Africa hoping to make a difference. 
But I think I gained more then I gave, and I can now say 
Thank you Africa for being…

Positively Contagious