Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fake Parents

We got to play parents this week and put simply, it was heaven. It was a much needed break from our reality...and Rexburg. It's so crazy to me how a three hour drive can allow to you to experience a whole new world. There are mountains, good places to eat, traffic on an actual freeway, new homes being built that are fun to look at, and shopping (my favorite)
 I think we got the better end of the deal. Since they aren't our kids we had permission to spoil them which included: In and Out, Chik- fil-A milkshakes, Maverik runs for candy, donughts, movies, you name it, we probably did it.

Chad made fun of me because he said I would blog about the week and say how I couldn't wait for him to be a dad...well Chad... here it is. It was so cute to see these kids just stick to him like glue, I literally got demoted (trying not to be bitter). These little kids taught us so much this week and gave us a lot to look forward to. 
This week reminded me why this stage in our life is so important. It is the effort we put into our lives now that creates the path for our future. Sometimes it feels like this phase of our lives is never going to end, but this week helped me to see that it will. There are going to be phases in life that seem longer than others. It is the little moments in those phases that help us create our happiness. We have so much to look forward to and so much to be thankful for. 
I hope during our journey to the future we can find some ways to be...

Positively Contagious