Monday, March 28, 2016

A Book for Thought

 These days little baby Hilburn consumes most of my thoughts. I wonder who he will look like, what his little personality will be like, what he will like to do as he grows out of the eat,poop,sleep,cry phase. All day I think about this little person growing inside me. Most of my thoughts stem from memories from my own childhood. Life has gone by so fast, yet I still have distinct memories of my childhood like they were yesterday.
 I can remember going to the library every single week, without fail, and checking out piles of books. I would get read to before naps, after naps, during the day, and as I fell asleep at night. I loved books, I can remember being so calm, and feeling so loved as I was wrapped up in someones arms being read to. I know now that what I felt was a sense of security and a sense of peace in my child-like world.
I want little baby Hilburn to grow up with a love for books just like I did, to get lost in a story, and to dream his own story. I came across this company Bookroo, and fell in love. They send you the cutest little box of books each month. You pick your child's age, select the type of books you prefer, how often you want to receive books in the mail, and... done! Two books a month at an affordable price.
The world we live in has become so consumed in technology, that we may sometimes forget the importance of books. They can be such a powerful tool to teach these little ones. I can not wait to snuggle little baby Hilburn, pull out his favorite book and see the excitement/joy on that little face. I hope as I continue to think and dream about the life little baby Hilburn will have, that I always remember the importance of a good book. 
 And of course the importance of being...

Positively Contagious

Sunday, March 27, 2016


How Far Along? 
15 weeks
 Weight Gain?
A big goose egg.
Maternity Clothes? Nada. Luckily I wear clothes that are pretty flowy so I can still hide it pretty well! 
Thankfully yes, this girl needs her sleep! I get really sick at night (I thought it was called morning sickness) and I take a sleep aid with a B-Vitimin that helps with the nauseousness the next day so that has been a life saver in the sleep department.  
Best moment this week? 
Spending a week in Hawaii with family and coming home to find out the this little babe is a BOY.
Weird pregnancy moment?
I have pretty crazy dreams these days. I had a dream that Chad changed races and we had a half black baby. I was so mad because I wanted the baby to have blonde hair....
Not yet. He was moving like crazy on the ultrasound but I couldn't feel a thing.
Gender: BOY
Food Cravings?
Bagels and cream cheese, Alfredo, and key lime Greek yogurt. Seriously, these things usually send me to the toilet for hours. Turns out being pregnant makes you constipated, so these days I can eat things I usually can't.
Morning Sickness?
 How about Night sickness it's...manageable during the day since I can stuff my face with food but as soon as 5:00pm hits...i'm a goner.
 SO tired, Diet Coke continues to be my best friend
Looking forward to?
 Getting our little family moved back into our apartment in Idaho, one more week! 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Party of three!

SURPRISE, the Hilburn family will be growing by one this September! We are so excited, nervous, anxious, and shocked all at the same time. Here's the story...I don't have a very normal never has a period or if it does it's once in a blue moon. Also, it hates all types of birth control (tried and failed pills, IUD's you name it).You would think with this combination we would have been pregnant soon after we got married but, after a year with that little irregular period of mine and a couple of doctors visits we thought I would probably need to be put on Clomid (to help ovulation). With our plan of living in California for the winter, we figured April would be prime time since we'd be back with my doctors, and in our own place in Rexburg. Well...turns out our plan was not very accurate and we experienced one heck of a miracle.
 I was sitting in our room one afternoon studying for a test i'm trying to pass and I thought i'll go take a pregnancy test...go figure...anything to avoid studying I guess. Thanks to my once in a blue moon period I knew about what day I would start if my body decided to function properly that month. I honestly was just taking it to get it out of the bathroom and out of my head. With so many failed tests I didn't know why I was doing this to myself again, but i'm sure glad I did because it was POSITIVE. I was literally in shock. I had never seen a positive test before so I didn't really know what to do. I just stared at it waiting for the line to go away and have it be negative like I thought it was supposed to. I just cried and cried (happy tears of course) to get my body to stop shaking I did a couple laps around the bathroom, looked at the test again, and did a few more laps. Chad came home from work a few minutes after I stopped crying. I was still bright red and splotchy from crying haha. He asked what was wrong and I told him to go look at the new toothpaste I got him in the bathroom (toothpaste, really?) but hey, he went in, and walked out with the test. He was shocked to say the least. It took us a while to get used to the fact this was really happening and by a while, I mean it is still a shock sometimes. It truly is a miracle and we are so thankful we have been blessed with the privilege to raise a child.
(A sepcial thanks to Love too Design for the handmade sign) 
It is so crazy to think that in just six short months we are going to have a little human as the center of our world. I know we can't even begin to anticipate the changes that will happen, but we are so excited to begin this new adventure. Our lives will never be the same, but it will be so much better. Before this party of two becomes three I hope we can always find time to be...

Positively Contagious