Friday, May 6, 2016

Just DO IT

A lot of the time we don't know where life is going to take us. It can be confusing, frustrating, overwhelming, stressful, unpredictable, and sometimes simply put it's just hard. We have people to please, expectations to be met, jobs to do, and work to be done.
What would happen if we just hit pause, and took a moment to...dream. What would happen if we didn't worry about what other people thought of us, what mistakes we could possibly make, and what terrible things could potentially happen in the future?
Do you think our perspective would change? Do you think we would enjoy life more fully?
I never knew a small five letter word could mean so much. It gives you hope, gives you perspective, and helps you see that life is what you make it.
Surround yourself with true friends, be honest with yourself and with those around you, lean on and love your family, and no matter what, don't forget to chase your dreams.
What ever they may be, as you do this, you can become...

Positively Contagious 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

BUMPDATE: 20 Weeks

How Far Along? 
20 are we already half way done?! 
 Weight Gain?
5 lbs, I feel like it's a lot more though, I swear every time I look in the mirror some part of my body is bigger than usual! 
Maternity Clothes? No, but my desire to wear pants is ZERO. 
Not so much lately, I have stopped taking the beloved Unisom because I feel like I have been hit by a train the next morning. I think my record was waking up six times during the night. 
Best moment this week? 
Chad and I both felt baby boy move! When ever I lie down to go to bed, he just wants to stay up and party and this week Chad felt it too. It was so crazy, I think it kind of freaked Chad out, ha! 
Weird pregnancy moment?
I had three contractions Sunday, it really scared me because I felt like it was really early. Turns out it was fine and i'm not drinking enough water...oops.
YES. It's not consistent but he's in there! 
Gender: BOY
Food Cravings?
I'm finally back to my normal eating habits. Up until now salad has made me gag and fruit makes me feel SO sick!  Thankfully now all I want is a big old Caesar salad, strawberries with honey, coke! 
Morning Sickness?
It is finally going away, hallelujah! If I stay up to late without eating then I feel a little queasy, and if I forget to eat....shocker.
I have the WORST round ligament pain. I was pretty paranoid earlier this week and thought something was wrong, but I was assured it's normal...can't decide how I feel about that. 
Looking forward to?
A best friend date this weekend! The corn dog stand just opened this week and I am dying to go get one loaded with mustard....not embarrassed.