Thursday, October 6, 2016

Welcoming Jack Steele Hilburn

Tuesday September 13th pre-hospital check in feelings: Terrified.
You hear so many horror stories and everyone has such a different experience, I just didn't even know what to think. There were just so many unknowns I didn't quite know how to wrap my brain around it. I had so many questions and concerns and was slightly freaking out.
Fast forward just two hours later at 2:00PM, i'm all hooked up, have my cup of ice chips, my beef broth and jello, and contractions 3 minutes apart. Now it didn't matter if I was scared or not because this baby was coming! I was dilated to a 3 and 80% effaced when my doctor came in and broke my water. My nurse told me one of her other patients that day said it was like taking a i'm not sure what hot tub that girl had been in because I just felt like I peed myself.
I felt all of my contractions in my back so I was having a hard time figuring out what way to sit/stand in order to breath through them. I was internally battling for a while trying to decide when I should get my epidural. My doctor said I could get it when ever I wanted it. My hard core self who wanted to be strong was saying it had only been an hour and a half since we had been in the hospital so I  should hold out a little longer.
I was crying, trying to go to the bathroom, starving, and frankly a hot mess. I caved and asked Chad to go tell the nurse I was at my limit. In walked the anesthesiologist and angles were singing ha! It hurt less then my IV so I now know...don't wait just get it. They checked me after I was numb and I was at a 5! This was moving a lot faster then we anticipated.
It was a whole new ball game when I couldn't feel the lower half of my body. It was so fun just to be with Chad and anticipating the arrival of our little man. The party got even better when my best friend Johnna arrived. Johnna, Chad and I have been friends since High School so it was just like the old days being all together. We got so carried away talking to each other, and the nurses (they were so GREAT) it was 8PM before we knew it. I was feeling some pressure so I just asked them to check me just out of my own curiosity, and I was at a 10!
I was so scared about the whole pushing process, but I was so numb I knew it wasn't going to be half as bad as I had anticipated. My legs were literally like jello. I had to have Chad pick up one leg and my nurse pick up another and move them into pushing position. We did a few practice pushes which turned into actually pushing and before I knew it in walked my doctor. He is literally one of my favorite people. I wish I could just have him as a personal doctor for all of our other children where ever they are born, i'm sure he would love being stuck with me forever!
It was the most surreal experiences sitting there laughing and having the best time as I pushed our child into the world. It was all too good to be true, and then it got even better when everyone was yelling "he's coming!!" one more push and he was out! They placed the sweetest little person on my chest, he was so cute and tiny and he was OURS! Chad cut the cord, and they took him over to get all washed off while I got stitched up. It felt like a dream sitting there watching Chad hold him, Johnna taking pictures, and realizing that our whole world had just changed.
Chad walked over and put him in my arms and I lost it. With Chad sitting next to me and this sweet baby in my arms my whole world was complete.
It truly was the most amazing experience and a day we will cherish forever.
We love you forever our little 7 pound 4 ounce 21 inch long
Jack Steele Hilburn