Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Burg

After a week at my new job I finally feel like I have a job that I enjoy. It has been quite some time where I can leave at the end of the day and feel like I have accomplished something. Not going to lie, the first day I thought I was crazy and didn't know what I had just gotten myself into. By the end of the week I felt like I knew what I was doing, and felt like I was even making progress with the kids I work with. 
I thought after I graduated that I should go some where, do something out of the ordinary, and above all not have to be in Rexburg anymore. I have spent four years here, and as much as I love it, I thought a change of scenery would be nice. But this week I had a change of perspective. Even though Chad has three more years of school....which means three more years of Rexburg....I'm now actually excited. That means more time to stay in a little bubble of not complete reality. That means lower rent in comparison to the rest of the country, less gas to pay since we live in such a small town, weekend trips to Idaho falls, we are close to family in Utah, and best of all we get a summer (thanks to my schedule and Chad's school schedule). 
That truly was the biggest blessing. I have learned that after about three months of what ever I am doing I hit a point where I just need a break, and thanks to a little miracle we both get a whole summer until Chad is done with school.  

Rexburg, you aren't half bad! Sorry if I always rag on you and make fun of you, you really do have a little piece of my heart. 
And more then anything I hope while we stay here we can find some ways to be...

Positively Contagious 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hobby time

Today marks one year of this missionary of mine coming home. I didn't realize how long two years was until he actually left, then the waiting began. It's funny how time seemed to stand still while I was waiting for him to come home, but now that he is home time flies! To think that a year ago today I went on three runs to make time go by faster, wrote in my journal, went to the grocery store, and really did anything to keep me busy until 11:00pm when his plane landed. Longest day EVER. But it finally came, and went, and here we are today a year later. 
I've learned a lot this year, and mostly it's thanks to Chad. One thing I have noticed lately is that I don't have hobbies.....oops. When I was younger and through high school I always played sports and when I wasn't playing sports I was spending time with friends.  So, time to figure out "what made me tick" didn't really exist. Since we have been married I have realized that I really don't have any hobbies. This guy on the other hand makes a hobby out of everything. Hence why our pictures generally include boy things/things Chad likes to do. 
So while Chad was racing his cars today, I read and wrote in my journal. (If you consider those hobbies then we can start the count at two). I of course got distracted and thought of all of the things I have been longing to do at some point in my life:
One day i'll...
Maybe i'll learn...
I wish I could...
Here's an idea self, stop thinking of what you could do and make a list of things you will do. So here it is: 
I will learn how to water color 
I will learn how to sew...what I have no idea...but I know one day it will come in handy 
I will learn how to take better pictures/editing tools 
I will give my blog a little make over 
I will learn how to use Illustrator so that I can make my own calendars 
I will read a book a month 
I will work out five days a week. 
I will try one new recipe once a week 
Yeah a lot of them sound like goals, and some seem small, but it really is time I found things that I like to do. I figure if there is an assortment of ideas at least one will stick long term. 
If you could all keep me on track that would be great. (Thank you in advance) 
And thank you husband for teaching me that you can make anything into a hobby. 

I am also open to any ideas.....What are your hobbies?!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Now is the Start

I think I have been living in some sort of false sense of reality. I knew I would be graduating from BYU-Idaho in April 2015 for quite some time now. However, the morning of actual graduation I woke up in tears....literally.....had some sort of panic attack and cried because I was graduating. I know it's a happy time and a lot to be proud of yet, I was still in the "what am I thinking" phase of graduation. I now have to do real life instead of being a student.....
Really though, I have had a purpose the last four plus years. I am a student. I go to school, I do homework, projects, tests, lots of hated group work, basically what ever my teachers tell me. But NOW...uh...I have to think for myself and decide what I actually want to do. I don't have the word "student" define me anymore. Last night they referred to us as "Alumni". In the blink of an eye I was in a whole other category of college, a graduate.
It still blows my mind that I will no longer be learning in a classroom setting. Actually, that's false. My new job is at an elementary school so technically i'm just going back to the basics in my education. It's up to me now what I learn. I can read the books I want to, continue to grow and learn in my own way instead of by textbook. Even though my learning is technically over, it really has just started. My education has given me a foundation to build on. It has helped me in ways that i'm not even aware of yet. 
If I were to introduce the Courtney four years ago to the Courtney now I don't think they would recognize each other. My time here at school along with life experiences has completely changed who I am. Im so thankful for family and friends who help me remember that I am still the same person, just with a better half now. The love, support, words of encouragement, and listening ears they have provided have made all the difference in the world. 
I woke up a wreck and went to bed last night feeling like I could do anything (and that doesn't happen often). Yesterday I was reminded that no matter what I decide to do in life the most important thing is to make a difference. Leave people better then I found them. Leave a work environment better then when I got there. But most importantly, enjoy the process of it all. 
Thankfully I live with an eternal optimist so I will have help. But now more then ever I am determined that where ever I go, what ever I do,  who ever I see, I will be...

Positively Contagious