Sunday, June 5, 2016

BUMPDATE: 6 months

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How Far Along? 
25 weeks, a whole 6 months down!
 Weight Gain?
I actually have no idea and at this point and I don't exactly care. I figure i'm growing a human so bring it on...or at least some days I feel like that ha! 
Maternity Clothes? 
I can't button my pants, so i'm sure I should be wearing them but i'm just sticking to dresses and skirts these days. 
It really depends on the night. Some nights I sleep like a baby and other nights I wake up a million times. The most common theme is that I feel like I can never get enough sleep no matter what.
Best moment this week? 
I popped! My stomach it is now a round little belly of baby. 
Weird pregnancy moment?
Friday night last week I had the worst pain on my right hand side of my stomach and in my back. I was SO nervous after 45 minutes of pain, and then I started peeing the hospital we went! Friday night date night with burgers and fries in the ER passing kidney stones...that was one to remember! 
YES. He's a mover and a shaker! 
Gender: BOY
Food Cravings?
Salt and vinegar chips on the daily. Also a snack  my mom used to make me when I was younger was Ritz crackers, cream cheese and salami. I know, sounds nasty but I literally eat them every day. Also french fries...maybe it's the salt in all of these things! 
Morning Sickness?
Gonzo, and i'm so thankful! 
Ligament pain is still there and is off and on. When it hurts, it hurts, but when it doesn't I don't have much to complain about! 
Looking forward to?
Next thursday when Chad has the day off and we can go on a date. I love Thursdays! 

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