Monday, July 11, 2016

BUMPDATE: 30 weeks

How Far Along? 
30 weeks, only 10 left to go!
 Weight Gain?
11 lbs, moving on up! 
Maternity Clothes? 
If I wear a skirt and shirt then I wear a maternity top, but most of the time I just wear my stretchy dresses I have from before this bump. 
I have been sleeping like a rock these days. Probably because we have been going, going, going this last week so my body is catching up!
Best moment this week? 
Spending time with Chad, family, and friends in Canada and Yellowstone
Weird pregnancy moment?
Feeling like I have to pee 24-7. Home boy's head is right on my bladder so sometimes I feel like i'm going to pee my pants even though I don't actually have to pee. It's the weirdest feeling, ha!
Gender: BOY
Food Cravings?
I haven't really had any specific cravings lately. I just feel like I want fruit and salad all the time... and sandwiches. Healthy stuff just sounds better these days in comparison to the time before now where I just wanted everything bad for you. 
Morning Sickness?
It actually came back randomly this week in the afternoon it was the weirdest thing. It just comes and goes in waves...go figure. 
I have been feeling great this last month! I'm not uncomfortable yet which is nice. Home boy's feet are right under my ribs though so sometimes he gets a good kick!
Looking forward to?
This baby finally being here! I have had so many dreams lately that i'm in the hospital/in labor and as terrified as I am of that day i'm SO excited to meet this little guy!

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