Monday, November 18, 2013


I wish I could have the title of "Aunt" however, that will not be happening anytime soon for this girl as my siblings are quite a fews younger then I am. Luckily I have older cousins who I like to pretend are my older sisters and lucky (or maybe not so lucky for them) I consider their kids my nieces and nephews. This weekend I was able to stay with two of the little kiddos; Vivian and Jeffery commonly known as Viv and Jeffi. While their parents were in Hawaii having a vacation, I tired to make it a little vacation at home for the kiddos.

Our long weekend went a little something like this:
Cinnamon toast for breakfast...extra cinnamon sugar
Finger painting....extra paint... every where
Couch forts...the bigger and messier the better
Play dough sculpting....make sure you mix all of the colors together
Fruit snacks and Chicken nuggets for your fruit snacks first
Movie night and Candy before bed....every night
Trampoline gym....went for two hours not just one
Sugar cookie making night....Lick the knife instead of frosting the cookie
Bed time stores...hour story time
The gas station down the street...daily treat stop
Nap thanks

Needless to say by the end of the day they were tuckered out. It made for long day for all three of us. Although, our morning wake up call went from 6:00am to a whopping 7:00am and i'll take that any day! Now it may have sounded like flowers and unicorns all weekend but let me reassure you, they are still children. We had plenty of diaper changes, meltdowns, whining moments, and sibling arguments.  During the moment they may seam life changing, but at the end of the day they are insignificant. As we piled on the bed all cuddled together, read books, and sang songs until they fell asleep it all became worth it.

Sometimes I find myself wishing this part of my life away. I can't wait until....I'm done with school, I have a real job, I'm married, I have my own kids, until, until, until. But this weekend I forgot about the "Until's" and just loved what I was doing. It is so amazing to think about how giving of yourself, your love for people and your own circumstances grow.
My gratitude for the role of a mother grew, the importance of a father, and my love for Viv and Jeff grew. And instead of finding myself wishing for what I eventually want, I loved everything about what I already had.
I have a loving family immediate and extended, I have the best "nieces, and nephews" I could ever ask for, I have the best friends in the entire world, I have constant support from those around me, I have stability, and I have a religion that I love and cherish. But I also have hope. A hope that one day those "until's" will become a reality. And I know they will, but I just have to be patient.
And sometimes as we are patient we have more opportunities to be.......

Positively Contagious 

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