Friday, September 26, 2014

Apple Crisp

We sure do love our Friday night date nights, especially when two becomes four. It was girls pick this week so instead of fishing what did we do….went to the apple orchard! Don't be too impressed we compromised and while we made apple crisp they got to pick the movie. 
The common apple retrieving method was shaking the tree violently until gravity took it's course and the apples fell. That then turned into flying apples and target practice, so we resorted to the normal way of getting apples off a tree. 
They even had really fancy oversized fanny packs that Andrew and Amanda modeled for us. 
 Success would be an understatement. I think we will add this one to our list of regular activities here in Rexburg. Just a tip in case you go, don't eat and pick…it's rather distracting. 

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