Saturday, October 11, 2014

The "Ruff" life

It's been a month of change here in the Hilburn home. First on the list, the purchase of our little pup Riley. Chad has always wanted a dog and so we after some talk we decided to try it out. Smart….maybe not but we were willing to try!
After the first few weeks we were pretty accustom to the little guy, but the people who lived around us…well not so much. Long story short, to add to the list of changes, we packed up and moved on a Wednesday. Yes, the middle of the week, during school and work. To make for a more interesting story in the middle of the move Chad cut his finger open and we headed to the ER for stitches…passing out multiple times on the way and scaring his wife half to death. 
After we got all settled in (again) we resumed our normal habits of camping and fishing one last time before fall/winter rolls around here in Idaho. Not only was it our last camping trip, but the last one for Riley too. If those changes weren't exciting enough, we decided Riley needed a better home. Not better parents (selfishly) but a place to run, and be a dog instead of being in an apartment. So with that being said, here's to our last weekend with Riley! 
We've had a good run our little Riley, but it's time to go have an even better life. And for us, maybe we will try to keep the excitement down to a minimum this month of marriage. But then again, excitement is what makes life fun, right!? 

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