Saturday, November 1, 2014

Older and Wiser

Our birthdays were so fun this year because we are not only a year older (and wiser) but we got to finally spend them with each other! We decided to start some birthday traditions in the Hilburn home, and I think homemade coffee cake in the morning is definitely one we will use for years to come. Aside from the rather fattening food we got spoiled by our families, which we really appreciate! We decided to take Chad's present out for a little spin this weekend. A kid on Christmas would accurately describe his joy. 
Apparently we are really embracing this whole living in Idaho thing. We even dressed up as a duck and a duck hunter for halloween….that's saying something for these two home grown california kids. 
Yes, those were once live, wild rabbit, yes they were legal to shoot, and YES we washed our hands after.  We couldn't be happier living here in Idaho and taking full advantage of this outdoor life. We are crossing our fingers for a few more weeks of no snow, but you never know. Birthday month was a success this year to say the least. 

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