Thursday, October 16, 2014


You know how everyone talks about fall being their favorite and a world without Octobers would be quite different. Well, I agree, maybe not with all of the cutesy quotes though. October is by far my favorite month of the year. Here's just a few reasons why: 
My birthday 
Chad's birthday 
Pumpkin patches 
Straw mazes 
Recipes like this 
And the social acceptance of eating candy until you explode
This month some how takes me back to the wonderful world of childhood. I seem to remember the most random things about growing up and a majority of them revolve around this month. So just like everyone else here in Rexburg we headed to the pumpkin patch to re-live some of those memories.
It was a cold windy mess (hence the lions mane) but we still found our little pumpkins. 
I think Chad's favorite part was the potato he found and this cute little cat, but we all have things that make us happy. I love this month and all that comes with it. 
Who's in for year long Octobers?! 

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