Thursday, October 22, 2015

One year Older

I can not believe that I have been alive for TWENTY-FOUR years, HOW is that possible?! Luckily Chad had surprises up his sleeve that helped me feel not so old. He literally spoiled me all day. 
Feeling extra loved (flowers, candy, a book, a nice card, and the cutest necklace) + Feeling appreciated (not having to cook, a clean house, being picked up from work with a Diet Coke, and friends that love me enough to eat cake with me)
= Perfect Birthday.
 I want the big two-four to be different then any other year. I want to use all of the wisdom I have gained over my long life (ha!) and make this a year to remember. 

1. Stop taking things so seriously. A lot of what happens in life is not life or death; I would have a lot more fun if I stopped treating it like it was. 
2. Enjoy the little things. Be happy in the moment I am living instead of dreaming of the future. 
3. Make goals. New Years resolutions are great, but if I can't remember them I should probably make weekly goals....
4. Become a better cook. I rely on the crock pot a little too much...oops. Maybe a new recipe a week, and shoot i'll even post it on here...if it's good. 
5. Make mistakes. Perfection is not possible, so i'm going to stop holding myself to an unrealistic expectation. 
6. Don't be easily offended. Easier said then done I know, but maybe if I think instead of react things might go over a little better.
7. Love more. Everyone is fighting a hard battle, treat them that way. 
8. Drink more Diet coke and eat as much candy as I want...without feeling guilty. Life is meant to be enjoyed...enough said. 
9. Run three half marathons. If number eight is going to happen then this should happen too. Starting with my first one Thanksgiving Day! 
10. Find the positive in every situation. Chad got me a sign for my birthday that says "Nobody ever injured their eye sight by looking at the bright side." it's now hanging above our toilet so I have a daily reminder. 
This is the year. The year dreams become reality, the year I don't apologize for taking pictures, the year I don't miss an opportunity to laugh instead of cry, the year I embrace every opportunity
 and the year I try my hardest to be...

Positively Contagious 

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