Sunday, March 27, 2016


How Far Along? 
15 weeks
 Weight Gain?
A big goose egg.
Maternity Clothes? Nada. Luckily I wear clothes that are pretty flowy so I can still hide it pretty well! 
Thankfully yes, this girl needs her sleep! I get really sick at night (I thought it was called morning sickness) and I take a sleep aid with a B-Vitimin that helps with the nauseousness the next day so that has been a life saver in the sleep department.  
Best moment this week? 
Spending a week in Hawaii with family and coming home to find out the this little babe is a BOY.
Weird pregnancy moment?
I have pretty crazy dreams these days. I had a dream that Chad changed races and we had a half black baby. I was so mad because I wanted the baby to have blonde hair....
Not yet. He was moving like crazy on the ultrasound but I couldn't feel a thing.
Gender: BOY
Food Cravings?
Bagels and cream cheese, Alfredo, and key lime Greek yogurt. Seriously, these things usually send me to the toilet for hours. Turns out being pregnant makes you constipated, so these days I can eat things I usually can't.
Morning Sickness?
 How about Night sickness it's...manageable during the day since I can stuff my face with food but as soon as 5:00pm hits...i'm a goner.
 SO tired, Diet Coke continues to be my best friend
Looking forward to?
 Getting our little family moved back into our apartment in Idaho, one more week! 

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