Monday, March 28, 2016

A Book for Thought

 These days little baby Hilburn consumes most of my thoughts. I wonder who he will look like, what his little personality will be like, what he will like to do as he grows out of the eat,poop,sleep,cry phase. All day I think about this little person growing inside me. Most of my thoughts stem from memories from my own childhood. Life has gone by so fast, yet I still have distinct memories of my childhood like they were yesterday.
 I can remember going to the library every single week, without fail, and checking out piles of books. I would get read to before naps, after naps, during the day, and as I fell asleep at night. I loved books, I can remember being so calm, and feeling so loved as I was wrapped up in someones arms being read to. I know now that what I felt was a sense of security and a sense of peace in my child-like world.
I want little baby Hilburn to grow up with a love for books just like I did, to get lost in a story, and to dream his own story. I came across this company Bookroo, and fell in love. They send you the cutest little box of books each month. You pick your child's age, select the type of books you prefer, how often you want to receive books in the mail, and... done! Two books a month at an affordable price.
The world we live in has become so consumed in technology, that we may sometimes forget the importance of books. They can be such a powerful tool to teach these little ones. I can not wait to snuggle little baby Hilburn, pull out his favorite book and see the excitement/joy on that little face. I hope as I continue to think and dream about the life little baby Hilburn will have, that I always remember the importance of a good book. 
 And of course the importance of being...

Positively Contagious

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