Friday, April 8, 2016

BUMPDATE: 17 weeks

How Far Along? 
17 weeks 
 Weight Gain?
2 big ones. (Guilty...I totally pushed it out in this picture to make it look pregnant instead of fat)
Maternity Clothes? No, but my tight clothes days are over.
YES, thank goodness. I'm taking advantage of this since I know the day will come when I don't get any.
Best moment this week? 
Moving back to Idaho! It's so nice to be back in our little apartment, and getting back to our little family routine.
Weird pregnancy moment?
Not really weird, but I forgot to eat a couple times this week and then it hits me, and I need food STAT.
YES. It's the weirdest thing. It literally feels like a little twitch every once in a while. Its mostly on my right side, and when I sit down. Poor guy is trying to get comfortable.
Gender: BOY
Food Cravings?
Mucho Mango Arizona juice is my go to, and the same old turkey sandwich. 
Morning Sickness?
As long as I remember to eat I can keep it under control. It is still worse at night and I have to fall asleep before it hits or else I throw up....not my favorite. 
My patience seems to be going some where....and I would really like it to come back. 
Looking forward to?
My next doctors appointment in two short weeks, I just can't wait to see how big he is getting! 

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  1. bahahah! I love that picture! and I love the way you did the info, short but informative! Horray for baby hilburn! I don't think you even understand how BADLY I want to throw you a baby shower!! If you ever get back to Utah before you pop, I will personally drive all the hours to come do it, Family baby shower- that would be so cute!