Friday, December 27, 2013

A not so white Christmas

The typical Christmas for my family is located in California while the rest of my extended family is in Utah all having a party without us. But guess who party crashed this year….this girl!! I love everything about the Christmas season: Lights, baking cookies (over eating cookies), gift wrapping, gift giving, tree decorating, picture taking, memory creating. The list really could go on and on and that would make for a rather boring entry. 
It's hard to believe Christmas has already come and gone and another year is beginning. Call me cheesy, but the spirit of Christmas has seemed to linger a little longer this year. I was able to experience Christmas with all of my favorite people in Utah and then headed to California to the "Happiest place on Earth".
We ate bags of cotton candy while we raced through Cars land
lost our voices on California screamin (the name suits the ride well)  and lost our stomachs multiple times on Tower of Terror.
Among the pure joy I couldn't help but think about the little phrase that describes Disneyland so well. What is true happiness, what makes me happy, and how do I carry that happiness with me.
 Again I could make a list, but lets be honest that's the quickest way to loose people's interest...if I haven't already. Ultimately I came to the conclusion that our happiness depends on our attitude. Extremely profound and very creative I know. But it's true. 
Life is not always going to be easy and there are going to be times when we just want to be angry, annoyed, or frustrated. Which, granted, is sometimes healthy and necessary. But at the end of the day there is always something to be thankful for. I have come to realize this lately in my own life. No matter what happens during the day, I can find one thing that makes me happy, that brings a smile to my face, and helps me realize that I can be truly happy. 
The Holiday season can become overly hectic. As we take a step back all that matters is being with those you love and creating memories that last a life time. And above all remembering the true meaning of Christmas. To celebrate the birth of the Savior, Jesus Christ and the perfect life he lived and who made this Christmas season possible.
So, make your own "happiest place on earth" where ever you go and what ever you do 
and in doing so you will be….

Positively Contagious 

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