Saturday, December 14, 2013

Microwavable Lemons

I really can't complain..Utah has been good to me.

I get to live close to family
 I get to go to Temple Square with friends,which is  probably one of my favorite things in the entire world 
I have the lovely opportunity to wear a jacket thicker then a cardigan. Although I may look happy, I hate the snow... not only hate but "loath entirely" (tis' the season for Grinch quotes)
I get to live by the mountains and see picture perfect sunsets every night
I get to go on cousin dates to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in real life which is way better then on TV 
And last but not least, I get the experience of living with grandparents.
 I love these sweet grandparents of mine. They are the most kind, tender hearted, loving, generous people you will ever meet. However, after being alive for eighty-eight years, they pretty much have life all figured out, all down to the little things.
Let me give you a little glimpse into our lives here in the Brewerton home and how I am slowly discovering where many of my strong character traits come from.
There is a typical routine I go through before I leave for work in the morning, and laundry is always included. At first I went about doing laundry the way I typically do; sort into colors, change the warm/cold settings, add some detergent, softener, and throw in the little plastic detergent cup. I went about this for quite some time but one morning my grandpa beat me to the laundry room.
Time out, side story. Many of you know I have an internal alarm that goes off around 10pm. When that time hits, Courtney has a one track mind and it always includes going to bed (turns out I get that one from the G-pa). "Early to bed, early to rise" is his life motto. And sometimes that includes vacuuming…at 6am when everyone else is still asleep…there is such thing as too early Grandpa.
Now, back to the laundry…he was rather prompt this particular morning. I was surprised to find a load already done when I went in to start my morning routine. I could tell he was concerned so I asked what was wrong. All he did was hold up the plastic cup and I knew. Apparently left it in the washing machine from the last load I did. He just said, plastic doesn't need to get washed and I am to rinse it out and set it on the paper towel next to the detergent when I am done (where I get my weird habits). Point well made Grandpa. We haven't had laundry issues since that day don't worry.
Usually good ole' Grannie and I have a few hours of bonding time before I have to go to work. Most of the time it consists of making cookies. This week in the span of five days I think we made three batches of cookies…do you know how much butter that is!? Now let me give you a little background. My poor grandma can barley walk even with a walker and for some reason refuses to use it….go figure. Making cookies is hard enough and in the process, she suddenly gets the urge to address her christmas card envelopes, unload the dishwasher, and make fruit salad. Um…please tell me how any of those things fit together (my occasional ability to multi-task). As I scramble going from one activity to another she watches me like a hawk making sure I do things correctly. Let me remind you, I have been here for a good two months so I have a pretty good idea of how things go around here. As I make the fruit salad (she is still insistent on walking me through step by step, grandma its FRUIT SALAD) I don't microwave the lemon and she was not thrilled with that decision. Apparently it helps get the juice out? Last time I checked lemons have juice with or without a microwave so I did it my way. But her eighty years outshine my twenty-two (the lovely stubborn quality on both ends) and I eventually asked for forgiveness and promised to do it her way next time.
I have to admit, it has taken a lot of getting used to, and I have had many frustrating moments. But as time goes on, I learn to adapt, just as my grandparents do. Let's be honest, it's a whole new experience for both of us.
I really do love my grandparents so much and am so thankful for their examples. I wouldn't give up this time for anything and I know that I will look back and cherish these moments I have had to spend with them.
So for now, I laugh at the little things, adapt to their habits (as weird as they may be), and learn as much as I can from them.
Because in all reality they are just being….

Positively Contagious 

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