Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hobby time

Today marks one year of this missionary of mine coming home. I didn't realize how long two years was until he actually left, then the waiting began. It's funny how time seemed to stand still while I was waiting for him to come home, but now that he is home time flies! To think that a year ago today I went on three runs to make time go by faster, wrote in my journal, went to the grocery store, and really did anything to keep me busy until 11:00pm when his plane landed. Longest day EVER. But it finally came, and went, and here we are today a year later. 
I've learned a lot this year, and mostly it's thanks to Chad. One thing I have noticed lately is that I don't have hobbies.....oops. When I was younger and through high school I always played sports and when I wasn't playing sports I was spending time with friends.  So, time to figure out "what made me tick" didn't really exist. Since we have been married I have realized that I really don't have any hobbies. This guy on the other hand makes a hobby out of everything. Hence why our pictures generally include boy things/things Chad likes to do. 
So while Chad was racing his cars today, I read and wrote in my journal. (If you consider those hobbies then we can start the count at two). I of course got distracted and thought of all of the things I have been longing to do at some point in my life:
One day i'll...
Maybe i'll learn...
I wish I could...
Here's an idea self, stop thinking of what you could do and make a list of things you will do. So here it is: 
I will learn how to water color 
I will learn how to sew...what I have no idea...but I know one day it will come in handy 
I will learn how to take better pictures/editing tools 
I will give my blog a little make over 
I will learn how to use Illustrator so that I can make my own calendars 
I will read a book a month 
I will work out five days a week. 
I will try one new recipe once a week 
Yeah a lot of them sound like goals, and some seem small, but it really is time I found things that I like to do. I figure if there is an assortment of ideas at least one will stick long term. 
If you could all keep me on track that would be great. (Thank you in advance) 
And thank you husband for teaching me that you can make anything into a hobby. 

I am also open to any ideas.....What are your hobbies?!

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