Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dawgin' around

Spring has sprung here in Rexburg, and these Hilburns are stoked! We love doing outdoor activities so it's about dang time that sun showed up around here.To celebrate we took our family night outside this week. We had this great idea of going to grill some dogs at the park...and to spare you a fiasco of a story...everyone else in town had the same idea.  Once we did finally get to a grill it ended up being a great little BBQ. Mr. Hilburn sure knows how to cook a hot dog to perfection!   
(I turned around and his mustard found its way on his shirt, shorts & shoes)
I am constantly reminded how the simplest of things can create the best memories. I know one day we will look back on our years here and wish we could go back. So for now, keep the good times coming Rexburg. 
And as for us, we will try our best to be... 

Positively Contagious 
(mustard and all) 

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