Sunday, June 14, 2015

Heaven in Idaho

There is nothing I love more then summer time, add some cousin friends, and a weekend full of cabin fun YES PLEASE! It is so nice to take a weekend break from reality and just play. The views at this cabin were unreal. It was just a slice of heaven, and almost like we weren't in Idaho anymore. 
(I mean look at this view)

We took a little detour from the normal path and made a trek out to this mountain... let's just say it might have looked a little better from where we started (oops). On the plus side we talked about what to do if a bear were to pop out of nowhere. I'm not sure if we came to an actual consensus, but i'm that much more thankful there wasn't a surprise attack. 
(pregnancy announcement without a pregnancy...gone wrong, I died) 
It is so fun to live in a place with so much to explore. It helps a whole lot to have the best partner to explore with. Even better that he was a safe driver on that Razor! 
Nothing beats an Idaho summer. 
Thank you Idaho for being...

Positively contagious 

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