Monday, August 17, 2015

A Wedding Tradition

This summer has literally been the besssstttttt. Thanks to our lovely schedules we have had a blissful five week break from reality and two more to come. We have spent three of those weeks at the beach in Southern California and two back in our home town in Northern California. At this point the only thing I miss about Idaho  is…..well let's just say I could stay here for a lot longer. (wink wink Chad)
The best part of our break was getting to add another member to the Hilburn crew! It was so fun to be with family and friends to celebrate Josh and Jayme at the Newport temple.  It's been a year since Chad and I were sealed, so being able to experience that with Josh and Jayme was really special. 
Chad's best friend Cody 
(They are probably the cutest couple you will ever meet so don't try and compete)
Before Chad and I even liked each other Kristen and I were friends, so marrying into their family was a dream come true. But, what's even better then having one sister…TWO. I never thought the day would come where I could have sisters. Kristen and I are beyond thrilled to have another friend in the family. She fits right in, and even has blonde hair so thats a bonus.  
Kristen and Ben better find themselves a blonde too or else we could have a slight problem. 
(The girl cousins) 
Weddings are probably one of my favorite things. It is so fun to see two people in love and start their life together. Selfishly, we get to be all mushy gushy too and... there is no excuse not to whip out the camera. Seeing a family grow,being able to spend quality time together, and create lasting memories is what this summer has been about. I'm not quite ready for it to end, but before we go back to Idaho
 I hope that we can find a way to be…

Positively Contagious 

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